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Thanks to its sponsor, has been launched as a directory of removal contractors in the Medway area as an aid to the public in finding a LOCAL contractor.

Unlike other directories it is not a commercial venture, it does NOT sell space or web-links to businesses. Every contractor in Medway is invited to submit an entry for inclusion and submit revisions as necessary. There is NO CHARGE. However, contractors who trade or advertise under several names will be restricted to a single entry. Contractors who are BASED outside of Medway (irrespective of whether they have a "proxy" Medway address or "proxy" Medway dialling code telephone number) are excluded, as this directory is aimed at the contractors in Medway for the people of Medway.

The modus operandi is to view all the information contained herein to gain an insight into each contractor's suitability (or otherwise) for the job in mind, and then to use the contact information given to arrange quotes as desired.

Every KNOWN contractor is included, however, submissions are welcomed from any we've missed! We accept no liability for omissions or errors..